What’s Up? FirstGlance Film Festival Online Film Contest!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PM It’s true, we’ve been silent for about a month…we’ve missed everyone. We’ve been engaged in reformatting, we moved our offices and reformatted sections of our website to create a better user experience. And, we’ve launched a new relationship with FirstGlance Film Festival, we are hosting their online 2014 film contest.

FGONLINE2014slideAWe  know your question, who are these guys? Founded by Bill Ostroff, FirstGlance Film Festival,  now 17 years ago, they manage two film festivals a year, the fall is Philadelphia and the spring is Los Angeles, following the Academy awards. Bill, a veteran of the industry is deeply committed to a great filmmaker and fan experience, two aspects we also value. So, hosting their online festival, we thought would be a wonderful experience.

The short films are awesome! And, it’s a contest with cash prizes for the artists and ‘fun’ prizes for the fans. The contest runs for 30 days, it started 10/10 at 10 PDT! But more than prizes, it is amazing exposure for these artists who truly have created wonderful options for fans. So, as we move back into our blogging universe, we do so with an invitation in hand. Please join us in supporting these amazing artists!!

The first film we loved is Failure Groupies, a wonderful short film by Rosalie Tenseth and Mandira Chamain as the director. The main actors are middle school kids but the issues: race and class, are definitely real world, today discussions. It’s fascinating to view these discussions through the lens of ‘tweens’.

We will profile each film and ask everyone to share with your respective universe. To quote Bill Ostroff, this is the first time a contest of this kind has ever been done and it is designed to share with the widest audience possible, these amazing short films.

As always, we at itsashort.com truly thank each and everyone of you for your interest and support…see you tomorrow…

What’s Up! Itsashort.com!

We are one day away from our online premiere of Jeremy Collins‘ film ‘The Wolf & the Medallion’!

$2.00 doesn’t even buy a black cup of coffee nowadays! BUT for $2.00 on itsashort.com you are being invited to some of the globes most incredible, award-winning shorts, web-series, and documentaries.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 10.14.38


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Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and chat with Jeremy, win prizes and watch this awesome event!


What’s Up! If only ….

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.57.31 PMWas it The Color of her Dress, the look in her eye, a stolen glance…can he conquer his fears and live his dream?

Writer, director, James Poirier’s #short film is on our itsashort.com platform! Subscribe today and check it out! Tell your artist friends to upload with us! It really is a great forum for award winning shorts and webisodes!

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Kristen V. Carter & Itsashort!

We are so excited to introduce Kristen V. Carter!

Not only is Kristen an award-winning filmmaker, television producer, and motivational speaker from Newark, New Jersey, she has also produced a variety of top programming that includes NBC’s The Voice, Lifetime’s Project Runway, and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

Currently this award-winning writer of the feature film version of First Date and creator behind two docu-series projects has uploaded with us!

This proud graduate of Hofstra University has attained the Cosby Screenwriting Fellowship (2011) and the Best First Time Filmmaker Award at the San Francisco Black Film Festival (2013).

Join us and FOLLOW her on itsashort.com

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