What’s Up!! 2015 Oscar Nominess: Animated Shorts!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PMSo, here’s a wonderful synopsis of the 2015 Oscar nominated animated shorts….


We thought since everyone has watched either via twitter, facebook, or….all the other social media platforms, the best memes, gifs, video clips of the major moments of this years’ 2015 Grammy awards, here’s something that probably has not been seen. Let us know what you think!

In the meantime, we are premiering…is that a word?, episode 2 of the wonderful webseries The Verge. Join us this Thursday 2/12 at 8 central for not just the series…but a discussion with the cast and crew about why Chase, Amy and Jessica? are involved. We will host a live-streamed Google Hangout immediately following the episode. We need your questions, comments via Q & A or using the hashtag #vergeseries.  We want the author? of the best tweet for the series The Verge to join us in the hangout as our guest host….


We are all about sharing the work of these amazing artists with equally amazing fans, that you would be you the reader. How, become a subscriber of itsashort.com. Watch these award winning shorts and share with your friends and colleagues. So, show some awesome love to these artists and join us!

What’s Up? Pharrell Williams and Happy Get Lucky!


Happy Get Lucky, the ‘sick’ Pharrell Williams song is being used as the sound track for totally cool videos. How this song inspires artists is amazing and so encouraging. Today, we have two very different examples, the first is a mashup, but mostly Pharrell’s work. Using a series of white pieces of card board….the artists create different scenes but projects images of themselves onto the cardboard, totally cool….you have to check out the video. The second is a piece for Howard University and it promotes the university and it’s student life. It probably helps that Pharrell’s Mom is part of the Howard University community, but still, totally cool idea!! The students are of all ages, the faculty and administrative staff also participate and it reallyshow a very fun place that people want to be.

The Mashup



And, The Howard University Blast



Be on the look out for more of these pieces where people use the song as the music track for a totally cool video. For more cool stuff like this, go to itsashort.com, register for the launch of the site; like us on FB: itsashort and please follow us on twitter: itsashort….maybe we should do a ‘Happy’ video compilation…naw….