What’s Up!! 2015 Oscar Nominess: Animated Shorts!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PMSo, here’s a wonderful synopsis of the 2015 Oscar nominated animated shorts….


We thought since everyone has watched either via twitter, facebook, or….all the other social media platforms, the best memes, gifs, video clips of the major moments of this years’ 2015 Grammy awards, here’s something that probably has not been seen. Let us know what you think!

In the meantime, we are premiering…is that a word?, episode 2 of the wonderful webseries The Verge. Join us this Thursday 2/12 at 8 central for not just the series…but a discussion with the cast and crew about why Chase, Amy and Jessica? are involved. We will host a live-streamed Google Hangout immediately following the episode. We need your questions, comments via Q & A or using the hashtag #vergeseries.  We want the author? of the best tweet for the series The Verge to join us in the hangout as our guest host….


We are all about sharing the work of these amazing artists with equally amazing fans, that you would be you the reader. How, become a subscriber of itsashort.com. Watch these award winning shorts and share with your friends and colleagues. So, show some awesome love to these artists and join us!

What’s Up?: ‘Shorts’ Win big at the Oscars


The Oscars had some amazing moments: Jared Leto, Lupita N’yong’o and Matthew Mcconaughey’s speeches were powerful, moving and poignant. They were filler, though for the announcement of the winners in the ‘shorts’ category and we were not disappointed! #itsashort

Mr. Hublot, winner for Best Animation.

A fabulous story about a robot, Mr. Hublot, who is , yep, mechanical in all things but it all changes when he finds a robot dog! Heartwarming! Would you ever think mechanical can also be emotional? Kinda works…like the movie ‘Her’.

Helium, Winner Live Action Short

Nothing is more heartbreaking than to see a child suffer for any reason, but a debilitating illness is the worst. Creating magical drama to encourage  and inspire this child was so moving…telling stories about a magical place called Helium…reminds us of and that Life is Beautiful.

The Lady in Number 6, winner best Documentary

And, the third winning short, ultimately a tribute in memoriam. The Lady in Number 6′ an inspiring documentary about the longest surviving holocaust survivor who died two weeks before the Oscars at the age of 110. Its about her love of music and life. Music was the reason for her survival at Auschwitz, she and several others were spared by the Nazi’s because of their ability to play beautiful music and throughout her life, she proclaimed music to be life. Others in this short film talked about her music and it’s importance over the course of her entire life.


These shorts while Oscar winners are examples of winning magnificently in life. To see other great short film, short video and webisode series, go to itsashort.com

What’s Up: WTF The Golden Globe Awards for Short Film, Video or Webisodes? Not!

Here’s what we know: Amy Adams won Imagefor best actress, finally! Well, she was amazing! Leo DiCaprio won for the Wolf and I love the idea of HER winning best script. For the entire list, check out Variety.com. 12 years a Slave was just named best motion picture! Shouldn’t there be something for ScarJo as the voice of the OS in the movie HER, does anyone else agree? And, isn’t that the whole point of HER, that there is a 4th dimension that is very much a part of our everyday lives?

With the exception of the Brooklyn Nine Nine, the nominations and wins, meaning, everything else was fairly predictable. Not a criticism, but an acknowledgement of the incredible talent we have truly gown to love, admire and respect. The choices are tough because the artists are all amazing. New talent, who was the Octavia Spencer this year, doesn’t seem like there were any unexpectedly new faces outside of the cast of 12 Years a Slave? So, ‘shout outs’ to everyone who was nominated and the winners!

The question is: what about short film, short video and webisodes?! Definitely not part of the Golden globes or the People’s Choice Awards, but Academy Award recognition. So, artists and fans, we have work to do! itsashort.com proposes awards for short film, short video and webisodes series: Shorties? Kinda catchy? There have got to be better suggestions, leave suggestions in the comment section below and for the next 30 days, this post will appear regularly to engage a discussion for the ‘shorts’ awards.

Also, who gave the best Acceptance Speech? We know whose speech didn’t make the short or long list..no need to go there! And, please share your favorite Amy/Tina moment!

Best Amy/Tina