What’s Up!! 2015 Oscar Nominess: Animated Shorts!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PMSo, here’s a wonderful synopsis of the 2015 Oscar nominated animated shorts….


We thought since everyone has watched either via twitter, facebook, or….all the other social media platforms, the best memes, gifs, video clips of the major moments of this years’ 2015 Grammy awards, here’s something that probably has not been seen. Let us know what you think!

In the meantime, we are premiering…is that a word?, episode 2 of the wonderful webseries The Verge. Join us this Thursday 2/12 at 8 central for not just the series…but a discussion with the cast and crew about why Chase, Amy and Jessica? are involved. We will host a live-streamed Google Hangout immediately following the episode. We need your questions, comments via Q & A or using the hashtag #vergeseries.  We want the author? of the best tweet for the series The Verge to join us in the hangout as our guest host….


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What’s Up!? The Golden Globes: Je suis Charlie!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PMWell, the award season launches with the Golden Globes! What do we love most: The speeches, the clothes, who walks with who or the movies? Here at itsashort.com we love the Golden Globes because as George Clooney says, its about ‘the little guy’ movies, not the block busters. The independents, they need the push, and the industry, delightfully, pushes for independence and point of view and talent, creativity, all the things that make making and watching movies the amazing experience we know it to be. So, thank you, Golden Globes! Below is the montage of best moments from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the George Clooney speech and Common and John Legend! Honorable mention goes to the very touching tribute Michael Keaton pays to his son. What were your favorite moments?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

We so appreciate their very unique brand of ‘keepin it real’ humor!!

George Clooney: Je suis Charlie!

George Clooney offers a very moving tribute to his colleagues, Amal and all of the people world wide protesting the hideous events in Paris: Je suis Charlie!

Common and John Legend for their wonderful and timely music titled: Glory

Common and John Legend were introduced by Prince!!!! Common offered a very moving tribute, the movie Selma, to the US fight against terrorism, racism and any other ism that divides our citizens.

OMG the Globes ‘killed it’ this year!!


Like the Golden Globes, we are unrelenting fans and the keenest of advocates for the independent artists, as George Clooney says: the little guy, they need the push. Our site is designed for just that. Please join us in our global efforts to support the independent artists and register here.

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What’s Up!!? The Very Scary…Evelyn Black

I don’t know if this would be my choice of next steps, but I imagine it’s what some people think? Evelyn Black, the title of an award winning short film by Michael Foster, a very talented filmmaker who currently makes Charlotte, North Carolina, home.

Evelyn Black will premiere online on itsashort.com, July 23, 2014 at 9 EDT/8 CDT/6 PDT…that’s PM ya’ll.

But what is it really about, power, anger, or some kind of …I don’t know…need to do justice? And, maybe that’s the real question, what is justice and what are the rules of justice…?

Evelyn Black…the trailer

Evelyn Black Official Trailer (Full HD) from The Michael Foster Experience on Vimeo.

And Then….

Join us after the screening for a live google hangout/twitterchat with Michael Foster, other members of the cast and crew as we talk about the inspiration for the short film, Evelyn Black. We will also be joined by representatives from two of the festivals where Evelyn Black screened, Montreal International Black Film Festival and the Charlotte Black Film Festival.

Use the hashtag #evelynblack to tweet your questions and more importantly your thoughts about justice.

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We will post instructions for tickets on FB and in our next blog post…for now, save the date, July 23, 2014!

What’s Up! If only ….

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.57.31 PMWas it The Color of her Dress, the look in her eye, a stolen glance…can he conquer his fears and live his dream?

Writer, director, James Poirier’s #short film is on our itsashort.com platform! Subscribe today and check it out! Tell your artist friends to upload with us! It really is a great forum for award winning shorts and webisodes!

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What’s Up?! Batman! The 75th Birthday or Anniversary!

ImageIt’s the 75th birthday of Batman! Checkout the video below which is an actual video of the introduction of Batman! Guns, bullets, damsel in distress and the bad guy with his partner, all in 3 minutes. Batman has super powers, powered by the amazing gadgets…hard at work…he’s got the same gruff personality. Personally, we are Adam Wests fans…though we look forward to the new Batman movies in the franchise! No disrespect! For more detail checkout the post from ‘Krank.ie‘ for a truly detailed discussion about the evolution of Batman!




Batman is iconic! He stands for things that we think are important and  to embodies a spirit that is good, infused with a sense of right and wrong, and fearlessness or sense of responsibility that inspires his work. For that, we have ‘mad’ appreciation! Who are the Batman’s in your life? Who can you count on? And who counts on you?

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Kristen V. Carter & Itsashort!

We are so excited to introduce Kristen V. Carter!

Not only is Kristen an award-winning filmmaker, television producer, and motivational speaker from Newark, New Jersey, she has also produced a variety of top programming that includes NBC’s The Voice, Lifetime’s Project Runway, and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

Currently this award-winning writer of the feature film version of First Date and creator behind two docu-series projects has uploaded with us!

This proud graduate of Hofstra University has attained the Cosby Screenwriting Fellowship (2011) and the Best First Time Filmmaker Award at the San Francisco Black Film Festival (2013).

Join us and FOLLOW her on itsashort.com

What are you waiting for?! #itsashort


What’s Up? Guess who’s singing Alicia Keys….freak, right?


No we did not know that there is an italian version of the TV show, The Voice, but, it’s not a surprise. What is a surprise, as always, are who the contestants turn out to be and the video below is definitely, no exception. We had to really think about what it is about this performance that is just totally freak…I think when you watch, everyone from the panel to the audience was ‘gobsmacked’. Finally found a way to use that word!

Sister Cristina!


Even the panel was really challenged to accept and make the case for who she should pick, they had to change their language, think about their strengths, their style, who would work best? And, what of Alicia Keys…would she expect this presentation? We are sure she’s very pleased. Was this filmed in Rome, we don’t know…but, each person invoked the Pope as one of many reasons they should be considered…spoiler alert, she picked J’Ax.


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