What’s Up?! Steven Russell Harts!!!!!! Who?

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PMSteven Russell Harts! A solo artists and touring with the ‘guy’ singing group, Troop, has just released a single, Shelter. He’s on a roll, a major songwriter, releasing the album The Wedding Singer which is now available on itunes. He was a songwriter with the Underdogs and another passion is his interest and success managing ‘roller pigeons’, actual pigeons on wheels that compete throughout the US!

But, who is Steven Russell Harts? He’s from the ‘guy’ singing group in the early 90s, Troop. He’s also a major songwriter. He wrote the entire song track for the movie Dream Girls, he wrote chart topping hit songs for Jennifer Hudson, Jordan Sparks, Cee Lo, Beyonce and the movie Shark Tales. He’s amazing! But wait until you meet his amazingly talented daughter, Elese!

Elese, also a songwriter, just penned a hit song for Trey Songz!! It’s called ‘All We Do’. She’s releasing an album next June, just moved her studio to downtown LA and is releasing her first video in January!

Both Steven and Elese will join us for a live-streamed hangout following the online premiere of Stevens hit single, Shelter. Join us Monday, November 17, 2014 at 6 PST/8 CST/9 EST. Register here for the video premiere of Shelter. Make sure to use the promo code ‘music’. Once registered, itsashort.com will email a link to the private live-streamed hangout. Tweet your questions to Steven during the hangout using the hashtag #stevenshelter. Everyone who registers will also receive a free download of Steven’s latest music.

itsashort.com is the ‘netflix’ for the best short content: award winning or nominated short film, high recognition video and the best webseries. Our goal is to connect media artists to fans and support these artists in their efforts to make a living, living their passion. Join us in celebrating these artists by supporting their work!

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