What’s Up!!? The Movie Guys, Film Critics?

The Movie Guys PosterRoger Ebert immortalized the role and value of the 'Film Critic'. We just saw the recently released film about his life and his lifelong effort to embrace the value of the 'critics' voice. He and his partner, Gene Siskel became two of the best known critics for film, commercial and independent, in the country. And, in that effort created real space for the voices of others whose unique perspective should be heard....such is the case with our colleagues, The Movie Guys!

The Movie Guys

Paul Preston, Justin Bowler, Karen Volpe and Ray Schillaci have worked together to create The Movie Guys a weekly podcast that critiques, but on special occasions, makes fun of recently released and some not so recent movies. They are heavily involved in the comedy and horror film communities but never shy away from the opportunity to share their opinions about the ‘blockbusters’ of the week. They each have spent years in the ‘business’, in various roles, including acting roles in the case of Paul and Karen.

itsashort.com is excited to premiere their ‘critics’ episode, tomorrow, Wednesday, August 13, 2014! The premiere will be followed by a live-streamed google hangout/twitterchat. We must admit, we are kind of looking forward to their being a bit in the hot seat!! The premiere will start at 8 CDT PM and the link to the live hangout will be posted on the itsashort facebook page. Please join us!!

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