What’s Up!!? Citizen Scientists and Grizzly Bears!


Tracking Grizzly’s with Citizen Scientists

Christi Cooper-Kuhn, a neuro-scientist turned filmmaker was engaged by the extraordinary organization Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation to film one of their expeditions, an effort to learn more about Grizzly Bears. This ‘still’ is a screen capture of a moment of discovery by the team of Bear Trackers.

Why is this important? Tracking Grizzly’s is part of a much larger effort to help preserve the habitats of Bears in the Tobacco Root Mountains of Montana. Their numbers have dwindled in alarming ways and learning more about their life habits informs the scientists and conservation communities about ideas for habitat preservation.

Cooper-Kuhn’s filmmaking has captured in ‘real time’ the efforts of citizen scientists as they discover tree markings, footprints and other ‘unmentionables’ which you will discover when you watch the film, yes there will be questions about the unmentionables!!!

Join us, August 4, 2014 at 5 PDT/6 MDT/7 CDT/8 EDT for the online premiere of Grizzly Tracking with Citizen Scientists. The premiere will be immediate followed by a live google hangout/twitterchat. Christi Cooper–Kuhn will share her perspective as the filmmaker. She will be joined by Gregg Treinish founder of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation and Stacy Bare from The Sierra Club!

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