What’s Up!!? Christi Cooper-Kuhn, Neuroscientist!

wlk4srlAoyyOHLAb1p8_onOPh-i5wPhwCjnqt05D6TM Christi Cooper-Kuhn is actually a brain research scientist who decided to change careers and become a filmmaker. She created an amazing short film for the non-profit: Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. The work was supported by The Sierra Club. It is a short film about tracking Grizzly Bears, which turns out to be very important.

BarrelsHer production company.

The organization uses citizen scientists to hike trails in huge national parks to map the living patterns of Grizzly Bears, in this instance. The experience is great learning for everyone involved, there was real camping with tents, hiking trails and tracking clues left by the grizzly bears, tracking their foot patterns and scratch pattens left on trees.

For Christi, an avid hiker, preferably in large national parks, it was a chance to combine her passion for science with her passion as an artist. For more about her work, check out her website: barrelmakerproductions.com

Join us for the online premiere of Grizzly Tracking, August 4, 2014 on itsashort.com. Immediately following the movie will be a live google hangout with Christi Cooper, the cast and a special guest host from The Sierra Club. Use the hashtag #grizzlytracking to ask questions or join conversations!

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