What’s Up!? Last Day for The Session!

Not everyone is available at the precise and scheduled time of the premiere of The Session, but don’t let such a minor inconvenience get in the way! Today, the next 24 hours, is the last day The Session will be available in the Premiere Lounge on itsashort.com. Check out the trailer….but the real deal is this very well done, award winning short film. So register at itsashort.com, check Premiere ticket and use the promo code ‘film’, get your ticket ($2) which includes a one month subscription to itsashort.com and head to the Premiere Lounge by clicking the Browse button. Easy peasy!

The Session

It’s an eleven minute, very funny short film and after your viewing, check out the live Q & A that immediately followed the premiere. Here’s the link: The Session

We had a great chat with the cast, crew and guest host Marshall Curry about the making of The Sessions. The writer/producer, Mark Bellusci is the creative genius and very ably supported by actors Hope Singsen and Edgar Fox. The crew: Jimmy Gnass, Gustavo Ruiz and Pete Slife each ‘worked their magic’ which you can clearly see.

Itsashort.com is the ‘netflix’ for award winning short film, video and webseries. If this is your first time on our platform, we are delighted to meet you! Join us and support these amazing artists! Registration is easy. Click on the link to the website and see you at the next screening, or just  browse the work of totally cool artists! Thank you for your support!

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