What’s Up!? Premiere of ‘The Session’

Therapy is usually considered a good idea, right? We should use the time to work out our issues, right? Well….here’s another take on things. Please join us for the online premiere of the award winning short film, The Session.

Here’s what you do!

The online premiere is tonight, July 8, 2014 at 8 CDT, that’s 9EDT and 6 PDT for those of you not in the middle west! Click here to register and get your tickets ($2). Next, on the itsashort.com website, after you sign in, click the Browse button for the Premiere Lounge and at 8, The Session will begin. Immediately following the movie which is about 11 minutes, join us for the hangout, the link will be posted on our FB page at 8:10. Tweet your questions using the hashtag #thesession.

Join us for a live Google Hangout/Twitterchat with the cast, crew and our guest host, Marshall Curry. Hope Singsen and Edgar Fox, aka the cast will share their impressions and ultimately interpretation of their roles. Jimmy, Gustavo and Pete will share their respective roles as members of the crew, including a thoughtful discussion about the ‘post’ experience. Marshall Curry, our guest host and twice nominated for an Academy Award as a documentarian, will lead the discussion with the cast and crew.

A very special thanks to the creative vision Mark Bellusci who is the writer and director of this short film.

Again, to see the short film, go to register at itsashort.com/users/new

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