What’s Up!? Brown Bag Films and Doc McStuffins!

ImageSince our first premiere, we got real excited about animation! One of the ‘hottest’ animation studios outside of Disney/Pixar is Brown Bag Films. Based in Ireland, they are animators and the creators of Doc McStuffins, the Disney Junior very popular pre-school series. Below is a quick video that explains the creation of Doc McStuffins by Brown Bag Films animator.





After our premiere of #thewolfandthemedallion, we started to really explore animation and found this wonderful video clip on the creation of Doc McStuffins, a wonderful character who has become immensely popular in just 3 years. Disney searched for animation partners throughout the world and selected Brown Bag Films based on their character presentation. The artistic creator is asked in this interview about her inspiration.

itsashort.com exciting news for June!

Watch for our premiere calendar for the month of June, you don’t want to miss the amazing short films and interviews with the artists. After each premiere, we will host a live google hangout/twitter chat where you can ask questions directly to the artists! see you at one of our premieres! Please join us as we hangout!

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