What’s Up?! Batman! The 75th Birthday or Anniversary!

ImageIt’s the 75th birthday of Batman! Checkout the video below which is an actual video of the introduction of Batman! Guns, bullets, damsel in distress and the bad guy with his partner, all in 3 minutes. Batman has super powers, powered by the amazing gadgets…hard at work…he’s got the same gruff personality. Personally, we are Adam Wests fans…though we look forward to the new Batman movies in the franchise! No disrespect! For more detail checkout the post from ‘Krank.ie‘ for a truly detailed discussion about the evolution of Batman!




Batman is iconic! He stands for things that we think are important and Β to embodies a spirit that is good, infused with a sense of right and wrong, and fearlessness or sense of responsibility that inspires his work. For that, we have ‘mad’ appreciation! Who are the Batman’s in your life? Who can you count on? And who counts on you?

For more ‘shorts’ like this please checkout our site: itsashort.com….go ahead, register, support these amazing artists who share their point of view on a lot of stuff! #itsashort


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