What’s Up? Guess who’s singing Alicia Keys….freak, right?


No we did not know that there is an italian version of the TV show, The Voice, but, it’s not a surprise. What is a surprise, as always, are who the contestants turn out to be and the video below is definitely, no exception. We had to really think about what it is about this performance that is just totally freak…I think when you watch, everyone from the panel to the audience was ‘gobsmacked’. Finally found a way to use that word!

Sister Cristina!


Even the panel was really challenged to accept and make the case for who she should pick, they had to change their language, think about their strengths, their style, who would work best? And, what of Alicia Keys…would she expect this presentation? We are sure she’s very pleased. Was this filmed in Rome, we don’t know…but, each person invoked the Pope as one of many reasons they should be considered…spoiler alert, she picked J’Ax.


Why do people watch shorts? Time, attention span, want a quick laugh, its just fun. There are a ton of reasons…today’s explanation was that if you are an ADD or an ADHD person, you won’t spend more than a few minutes anyway and you don’t want to be committed to an hour of programming if you are not sure what it is. Sounds good and right to us…so check out itsashort.com. It’s a platform for short film, short video and webisode series. Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and register on the site!


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