What’s Up??! Horror Lite with a Plus

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PMitsashort.com horror is working! Today we got two options:  a short film called the Last Supper and a special request from the Director of the new horror flick, Hellions!. The Last Supper…starts out predictably, not real sure about it being a true horror flick and then, Ugh….blood everywhere…watch the short, guess the ‘horror tell’ and post if you get it! The artist is Jonathan Eagan, a Canadian filmmaker, currently in Toronto living right downtown, editing two new pieces. Check out his work on his website: joneagan.com. Good stuff…don’t be put off by the Vimeo wall…we thought to just put it out there…’cause it’s good.

itsashort presents: Last Supper

Hellions coming soon to theaters near you!

The Director, Bruce McDonald,  is going to find a way to use the winning two minute clip in the movie!!! Timeline is short…clips are due February 14, 2014. The theme is red and clips are due on Valentines’ day, sick sense of humor…but great sense of horror. Here’s the really cool thing…the clips will be judged by three people, Bruce McDonald from whizbangfilms, Jason Eisener who directed Hobo with a Shotgun and the editor of Rue Morgue, a cool horror magazine.


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