What’s Chaud At The Moment

This really is the century of women! Check out this group of women rocking all areas of life!

Chaud: The Magazine

1. Lupita Nyong’o


Oprah is in awe of her and then she cried for her.  She is funny and such a humble and down-to-earth personality, together with her stylist Micaela they are slaying the red carpets, the fashion magazines adore her, Social Media is in love with her Kenyans in fact  Africans are proud of her, as for yours truly in awe, loudest fan, heck Lupita will be the first ever Chaud #WCW – ie Woman Crush Wednesday because one is here for Lupita, her style is right up my boulevard and her personality rocks,*cue Beyonce* her makeup flawless, her rock flawless, ride round in it flawless, post up flawless, flossin on that flawless, she woke up like this, she woke up like this

2. Being Mary Jane 

Mara Brock-Akil is my creative spirit animal – she definitely makes me want to create and challenge myself more. Her Black Girls Rock  speech…

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