What’s Up? HER

ImageThe Chicago International Film Festival played host to the Chicago screening of the new Spike Jonze movie HER. Wow! Artificial intelligence as a character, actually several characters…it was really something to think about. Is it in our future to be in relationship with something that is not part of the physical world? 

Spike Jonze


 to think about….let me know what you think. Below is the official trailer and the movie will be released later this month. Spike Jonze, the Director, also did Being John Malkovich., shared his inspiration for the movie…and acknowledged there was a slight sense of biography. But, please be prepared for mental, intellectual and most importantly, emotional stretches. The genesis: ten years ago, Spike Jonze had an occasion to engage with an artificial intelligence widget, an experience that stayed with him and became the basis for HER. Yes it is a relationship movie, rich in context and texture but way more interesting when you  think about being in relationship with your ‘OS’, that’s operating system for the uninitiated. Definitely a mind bender…everything plays out in ways that one can imagine. In end, I fell in the love with the OS system idea as something



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