2013 NewU Startup Competition

Fascinating opportunity from nabjdigital, who else is interested in all things new in digital?

NABJDigital Blog

Unity Journalists for Diversity has selected 11 owners of media startups for its 2013 NewU Startup Competition. The finalists posted video pitches for their companies on unityjournalists.org for the chance to win one of two $20,000 seed grants. The four finalists who are members of NABJ talk about their companies and how the grant will help take them to the next level:

Kathy Times is the co-founder of the website Wheretogo411.com, a site that is basically the Yellowpages.com for the African American community. Times, a former NABJ president, says her site is designed to provide African American businesses and consumers with a way to connect.  “It really is a strategy for improving the lives of African American business owners as well as urban communities and African American communities around the country,” Times says. “We wanted to design a site that would make it easy for major buyers as well as…

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