What’s Up: The Northwest Film Festival?

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PM

Asian gangs in Vancouver, BC? Seems like an odd idea, but what do we know about Vancouver, BC? Lewis Bennet, a Canadian ‘shorts’ filmmaker and featured artist this year at the Northwest Film Festival, made a documentary about his personal experience at age 10. He was involved in his first ever actual fist fight.

Okay…And then what…

After a full and complete accounting of the ‘incident’, for lack of a better word, his mother was left with a ‘harrowing’ thought: if Lewis’ behavior did not change he could become a member of an Asian Gang! Seriously? What was that? A threat, a warning, or preposterous. Below is the trailer for his short and also a link to the actual short film.

Strange idea since Lewis is not actually Asian…no one is sure how to even understand the idea…but the documentary ends with the story of someone who really was a member of an Asian gang and explains how that experience changed his life. Today, that same person has dedicated his professional life to saving kids from this kind of choice. Check out the short at: asiangangs.ca

Asian Gangs:

Lewis has a current short in the Northwest Film festival and we expect will be one of the select artists for the itsashort.com launch. So, register on the itsashort.com to see the work of amazing media artists; ‘like’ the FB page to get updates on our launch, profiles of media artists and the buzz on everything else.

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