What’s Up!! Indiefilmz is relaunching as itsashort.com!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PMIndiefilmz.com is relaunching as itsashort.com! When?! January 1, 2014 is the alpha date. But…you can register on the launch page: itsashort.com. Beta dates will follow…For now, we are saying goodbye to indiefilmz. The site will officially go down, November 1, 2013.

Oh wait, are you reading this and wondering what was indiefilmz and what is itsashort.com? Glad you asked: itsashort.com is  the website for amazing short film, video and webisodes.

As we put together the new site, we worked hard to listen to anyone who talked to us about what it needs to be and how it needs to work. We have done our best to build something we think you will love.

We are continuously driven by the idea that people want to see great content: short film, short video and webisodes; and, artists should be able to support themselves and their families, if that’s their situation, by living their passion. We will need all of you, your friends, cousins neighbors, partners, people you know who know people, co-workers, people you don’t know, we need everyone to register on the alpha site: itsashort.com, And, stay with us through the launch of the live site, watch the work of these amazing artists and tell everyone you know. Tall order, balsy request, yeah…but we have to go for it!  Join us and tell everyone you know: itsashort.com

Every week, we want you to meet the awesome members of our team. Next week we will introduce Jacky Powell our UI/UX person who has created the phenomenal design we will all experience. Let us know what you think about her design of itsashort. We will publish the intial design next week…..thanks for your support…


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