What’s Up!!! The Toronto International Film Festival and Iceberg Slim

Ugh!! This year we are not in Toronto at the Toronto International Film Festival!!! What’s up with that!? We met wonderful people and saw wonderful movies last year. The movie lots of people were talking about was Moneyball, and the joint appearance of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney. Yeah, I stood on the wall and waited with throngs of people to catch a very slight glimpse and no I am not ashamed to share this story.

But this year might be even more amazing because there is a movie that chronicles the life of Iceberg Slim! Who remembers reading his books in school? And, as I write from Chicago..his birthplace, I am totally challenged to think about this city when he was here…though the headlines today about the weekly homicides, the teacher’s strike and various other aspects of urban live, are probably not that different.

Scott Macaulay, the editor of Filmmaker, The Magazine of Independent Film and a major blogger on WordPress has written an amazing piece about the filmmaker, Jorge Hinojosa and his movie: Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp. Please read his post today and watch the video interview of Jorge.

No less significant is the debut of our series: Orange Juice in Bishops Garden! Friday is the big day!! Please re post our announcements because this series is amazing, the actors, the stories of just everyday living is stuff we all need to be talking about…so that’s What’s Up!

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