What’s Up: It really is all about timing, right Phyllis?

I am going to miss Phyllis Diller! Today, it seems the news is filled with mentions about statements and misstatements, crazy events and deaths that are in some instances tragic, sad or just part of the cycle of life. Other’s have posted some of the most inspirational quotes I’ve read in a long time that simply encourage all of us to live our best life.The backdrop for these ‘bookends’ is the daily grind and constant reminders that our work is ongoing, or even continuous: the people’s fight for democracy, the fight for our environment and the ability to live a healthy life, the concern for the less fortunate, however that is defined. Our challenge is to not be swayed by the sad news but respond with appreciation for the life lived and be inspired to recognize that every minute of each of our days is precious and we should just appreciate it all. I am so excited that I can share my day to day experience with everyone I meet, talk with or correspond with! It’s hard, but I think we can’t sweat the small stuff and instead appreciate all the stuff.

That said, I want to introduce everyone to our newest filmmaker, Romeal Watson. He’s uploaded his first film: Reclamation: The Motion Comic. Please go to our website: indiefilmz.com, register and watch his trailer.Then, very important, leave a comment! If you really like the trailer and I think you will, buy the movie for $1.49 and tell everyone you know to do the same. He’s a new filmmaker with his debut work, let’s really appreciate this wonderful story!

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